Transaction always times out in a private network (trying first time)


We were trying to setup a private network following Create A Private Instance of Algorand In A Testbed | Algorand Developer Portal using physical linux machines instead of VMs. We are able to create and start relay and non-relay nodes, a few accounts, checked that genesis hash matches in all nodes.

When we start transferring some algos from one account to another using java programme (from algoran site with initial issues resolved like setting port no, using more than 100000 algo etc ), the transaction is timing out ( timeout). We see the log in the sending node:
{…(*AlgorandFullNode).broadcastSignedTxGroup",“level”:“info”,“line”:521,“msg”:“Sent signed tx group with IDs [AP7DRRFWW43YJ6ULO3BRNIANEVUVOHM2WKUFQWGNKTYWO6QUDHEQ]”,“name”:“”,“time”:“2022-08-06T16:17:37.824929+05:30”}

We see that in the node.log of participating (2 nodes) and relay (1 node) node, there are messages from each other. Most of the messages are showing catchup messages like:
{…catchup.(*Service).fetchAndWrite",“level”:“info”,“line”:261,“msg”:“fetchAndWrite(53442): Aborted while waiting for lookback block to ledger after failing once : wsFetcherClient( Request failed: peer closing”,“name”:“”,“time”:“2022-08-03T17:08:12.352340+05:30”}

Could anyone please help on the timeout issue?

Best Regards

Hey there,
can you look through your node.log for information somewhat like Incoming connection detail from IP xxxx? You can force those messages by stopping and restarting participation nodes on the network and looking inside the Relaynode logs.
In addition, are config.json correctly configured? They should differ in relay and participation node.
If you do goal node status in all the nodes the ledger (last committed round) should progress on all the nodes.