Algorand Scam Detector API - flagging SCAM easily

Hi all,

Creator of here. Excited to introduce the Algorand Scam Detector API, a reliable tool designed for dApps, projects, and explorers seeking better knowledge against known scams. We hope that more and more projects will start using this and flag scam transactions entirely, especially wallet apps. Making scams on Algorand something of the past.

Key Features:

  1. Efficiency: The Algorand Scam Detector API is compact and easy to integrate into your UI for straightforward implementation. It’s fully serverless and could handle millions of requests (until it gets kicked off from Nodely).

  2. Open-Source: The API is fully open-source under the GPL3 license. Access the codebase on GitHub here.

  3. Relies on’s Indexer: It relies on the free indexer. Advise for larger projects to self-host this and use your own Indexer (if you have one).

  4. Continuous Updates: The Algorand Scam Detector API relies on an automatically updated blacklist of domains and wallets powered by Chaintrail, ensuring ongoing protection against evolving scam tactics. We use a combination of algorithms and AI to detect SCAM properly.

  5. Self-Hosting Made Easy: The serverless architecture allows for straightforward deployment and management, making self-hosting a seamless process. It’s built for Cloudflare Workers, which offers a generous free plan (and cheap paid plan).

Get Started Today: :link: Try it out here

GitHub Repository: :link: Explore the GitHub repo

Feedback? Yes, please!

Share your experiences, suggestions, and thoughts on the Algorand Scam Detector API. Your feedback is valuable and will contribute to the continual improvement of battling scam in a fundamental manner.

We believe that if we make it unsustainable for scammers to operate on Algorand, they will eventually move/stop.


This is looking slick, nice project :+1: