Algorand site in Google search

When searching “Algorand” in Google, the re-branded Algorand site “” doesn’t even come up. Nor does the old site at “”. The Algorand Foundation’s site is listed on top, but Algorand Technologies is nowhere to be found. Someone really needs to fix this.


I also think it was a mistake to change the site url. was short and succinct. It would have served well even with the company name changing to Algorand Technologies. Any chance you can switch back to the old url?

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Could the Foundation please ask the folks at Algorand Technologies to revert the site url back to ? The new url makes it confusing as to who’s who, and it’s terrible for SEO. All social media links, back links, and email contacts reference the old url. There was no need to change, unless you plan on using for something more deserving.

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Algorand related all the outreach and other activities like on-boarding developers are now carried by foundation. Algorand Technologies is a private software development company. So i think any search about algorand should go to foundation

Yes I totally agree with this keep it simple