Algorand Wallet - Open Source

Free open source easy to use payment gateway without need of financial middleman has been implemented in AWallet…


If anybody is interested in AWallet to support Ladger devices, we request some fundings to get the real devices and some work paid…

Please fund 500 USDT to the account P65LXHA5MEDMOJ2ZAITLZWYSU6W25BF2FCXJ5KQRDUB2NT2T7DPAAFYT3U with note LedgerSupport. Payment gateway.

I have also created grant request in gitcoin

This was posted last week, but in case you guys missed it, the offical Algorand Wallet is open source:

Feel free to take inspiration from the official Algorand Wallet

I am quite aware of that you finally made it open source … i have congratulated to you already, but again… good job… also please accept my PR with the slovak translation and please review my comments in your github issues

I am asking the community to fund my work as the algorand fundation has not given me penny and I tried a lot…

It would be great for Ledger device users to be able doing payments with AWallet as well as algo official wallet… What do you think?

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Hi @scholtz! It would be great if could handle HW wallets. Both myalgo wallet and the “official” wallet handles the Ledger Nano HW wallets. Also, there is a myalgo JS library for handling payments from applications. I propose to integrate it first, if possible, i.e. the myalgo.min.js
See Release Release v1.0.1 · randlabs/myalgo-connect · GitHub
Also, there are some examples on discord. I also tried it, and also have some small working examples.

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This wasn’t a vanity post, I’m just making sure people are aware.

For the translation PR, we need to define a process for community submitted language additions. Thanks for your patience.

And finally, I’m not sure I understand your question. Do I think Ledger devices should be able to sign transactions? Yes I do, that’s why we have integration with Ledger Nano X in the Algorand Wallet.

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Hi @ian , what is your opinion about the first free open source payment gateway using algorand? Why does not algorand foundation propagate it? What is in my power to get it more into attention?

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I’m not sure I understand. Are you referring to your wallet project? Perhaps this would be better suited for a new topic if not.

no, i created payment gateway… i have included it into the wallet, but basically it is separated project…

it is something like paypal… where eshop owners make the link to the payment gateway, payment gateway processes the payment, and after the payment is done, user is redirected back to eshop… eshop gets the tx number of the transaction and processes the order

eshops now can accept payments using algo or any tokens for example usdt…

Example how someone can donate money directly to programmer

Documentation for the payment gateway

The main feature is that the eshop does not have to wait for approval of some financial middleman to accept his store because everything runs on algorand network… When you get big enough, paypal takes something like 30% of your revenue with “temporary hold” and other payment processors usually needs the signed agreement and quite long approval process… Now someone can put the payment gateway on his eshop in no time with no restrictions for example in tx amount…

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I think that the direction you’re pointing at is good - but I’m not sure if it aligns with Algorand’s plans for the wallet.

Until now, Algorand avoided interacting with any fiat currency, or linking any of it’s products with any particular 3rd party.

My concern here is both on the legal perspective as well as visability. If the wallet would come pre-integrated with your solution, it wouldn’t be fair for other 3rd parties ( same case as Microsoft releasing Windows with Internet Explorer baked in ) The legal perspective is the ability to exchange token ( which might require a license in some cases ). I know that the legal portion isn’t a constrain for you… but it is for Algorand.

Hi, I dont know if I understand you correctly, but I am not proposing adding the A-Wallet to the official wallet… nor adding the payment gateway to official wallet…

The payment gateway has been implemented in a-wallet… (It must be web site) You can use the official wallet to pay the transaction, but thats it with the integration… The integration when you are on android and you click on use the algo wallet (using a href=“algorand://…”) and it opens the official algo wallet works… The integration through QR code does not work as there is no such support yet in official algo wallet, which I have created the issue in the official algo wallet github issues page… You can however do the transaction manualy from any wallet.

I am quite aware of legislation in several countries… I take this point as your missunderstanding with the notion of mixing windows with internet explorer…

Can you please navigate me from what you have understood that I am trying to add to official wallet some specific fiat currency? (So that I can fix it)

Btw, if you claim that you do not want the official wallet to be paired with single product, why does it support only single hardware wallet device (Ledger device)?

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@scholtz , sorry - I had to re-read what you’ve written. I mixed up your writing regarding the payment gateway and your suggestion for the foundation to adopt it.

Note that you’ll need to ask the foundation for their thoughts about that explicitly… I think that if your solution would be sufficiently “built”, the foundation ( as well as others ) would be happy to recommend it.

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This is very cool! Looking forward to this.

Hi, @scholtz, I tried the “Voting” in, I I don’t see the result of the first voting.
Also, sometimes I get “Blockchain error”. Please check it. Thx.

The problem is that the fetch from the indexer according to balance and note without the limit of fromBlock takes so long that it returns error 500 … so there is limit atm to limit it for 100000 blocks which is approx 4 days

i should write some non web tool to audit the questions so that it can search older times… or if the indexer will be fixed and properly indexed by the amount, it might get some longer limit for the time range

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we have improved the payment gateway - payment button generation tool

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New update to AWallet has been released today.

AWallet now allows rekeying.

  • Standard account → Other standard account
  • Standard account → Multisig account
  • Multisig account → Other multisig account
  • Multisig account → Standard account

Does anybody know about any other algorand wallet which allows rekeying of multisig accounts? :slight_smile:

see how anyone can make his/her account online using public KMD nodes Make your algorand account online - YouTube
this is the swagger of the KMD node secured by ARC-0014
This is algod KMD app GitHub - scholtz/AlgorandKMDServer

Anyone who provides public algorand infrastructure, please feel free to update the public nodes database here: GitHub - scholtz/AlgorandPublicData: Algorand Public Data project provides public json data about algorand nodes and projects

Open source community wallet - AWallet can now do swaps using Deflex protocol. wallet/Swap.vue at master · scholtz/wallet · GitHub

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We have improved deployment for AWallet. Now we have docker image built on every push to the master branch. Docker

Kubernetes setup as well as docker build scripts are fully open source.

Deployments - Most stable deployment - Private onprem K8S cluster run by Scholtz&Co. Docker image released after some time in main branch deployment.

Main branch deployments

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