Am I doomed? Need help

I’ve been researching and worrying about losing my 5 phrases to get into my wallet. I’ve totally fucked up and didn’t notice I didn’t fully take down all 25 phrases. I’ve seen there is python code to find the final 25th checksum phrase to get access. Do I have any hope in running something to get those final 4 phrases?

2000^5 is not what standard pc cannot handle

So the wallet is gone?

let me rephrase it

2000^5 is what standard pc can handle

you should brute force it

Oh ok. I’ve found others code on here but I’m not well versed in python to change the logic from 1 phrase to 5. Would you have any tips?

Hi, @JrJr1996 !
The program to vary the last 36 bits of the 256 bit seed can be done relatively easily.
Assuming that a PC can do 50 thousand checks/sec, the necessary time to run this brute forcing is
2**36 / 50000 / 3600 hours, = i.e. approximately 382 hours.

So basically I’d leave a computer running it for 15 days which would be fine. Any idea on how to write the script to find the missing phrases?