I lost 3 last word of my passphrase

Hello, I hope I can get help, I lost the last three word of my passphrase I have been try to login back my account and I can’t get, is there a way I can get it back, kindly help

Could you please confirm that you have the first 22 of the words in the passphrase ?

each word represent 11 bits, and the last word is a checksum. So, you have 22 bits missing.

Testing 2^22 means testing 4,194,304 permutations. That’s a pretty large number, but still do-able.

edit: you might want to take a look on this thread - Any tips on retrieving a missing 24th word from mnemonic (MyAlgoWallet) - #4 by fabrice


I have 22 words, didn’t know how it happened but I need the last 3 word, how do I get it

Try to look into GitHub - jannotti/recover-algo-word: This is a utility to help out when you've misplaced a little bit of your Algorand account mnemonic.

You might need to modify the logic a bit in order to make it work.

To be sincere i don’t understand those things, what to install and where to install or how, am new in programming world, if i can get a better step by step guide to get back my account i will be very happy, and i think the algorand app needs to be updated to be able to copy mnemonic instead of writting down(who still have time writting rubbish in 21st century) if copy was available i would have copy the words and paste correctly whereever i want moreover am the one in control of my stuff not algorand this is how their silly ways of helping keep my mnemonic has cost me potetial thousands of dollars could even be one day millions, cryptocurrency is breaking bars you should know
this is how painful this is for me

Hi, @iamshyley ,

It good that you have the first 22 words of your passphrase. Still another thing is needed to restore the passphrase and consequently your account: your account address, or at least the start of it. If you have it, I can write a small program, which computes the remaining 3 words. Expected run time is about four minutes. But if you don’t have the address, then the Algo blockchain should be cheched for all the addresses we get from the millions of combinations, and that could be quite time consuming, i.e. the program running for several days.

You are quite right that for small value accounts it seems quite overzelous to protect it with such a long passphrase. Vitalik Buterin had an idea: social security wallets, where you don’t have to write down any passphrase at account creation, and yet the account can be restored in case of loss/theft by the curators whom you specifiy at the account creation (friends, family, etc).

yes sir, i have the address

The interesting thing is that only 22-8=14 bit is missing, as the last 8 bits are zero.
So restore can definitely be done, when only the last 3 words are missing.

@Maugli @tsachi Hi Team. I seem to have difficulty every time I log into this wallet. The last time I did a couple months ago I used this post and the word list and solved it. I had one word misspelled. I very carefully updated my notebook and thought the problem was resolved. I am trying to get back in. Here are the steps I take:

  1. https://wallet.myalgo.com/
  2. Enter password
    Note: my address is no longer there - why?
  3. I click “import phrase”
  4. I enter my 25 words, carefully noting the correction outlined above
  5. It tells me “invalid nemonic phrase.”

Do you have any troubleshooting tips?

Hi, @AlgoFan
I have tried to recover an account at https://wallet.myalgo.com/
I gave it deliberately a wrong word in the passphrase => it gave the error message
After I corrected this word, it asked for the password, and created the account.

So, you must recheck your words. The valid words are listed here: