Mnemonic phrases, have 24 out of 25 when mistakenly duplicated one phrase

Good evening all,

I have a family member who is struggling to recover his my algo account when he switched phones. He wrote down the 24 mnemonic phrases out of the 25 as he duplicated an answer without realising.
He sent an email to algorand support team but unfortunately they have not been able to help and recommend to bring this issue here.

He can verify his ID, proof of address and any other form of verification needed plus 24 out of 25 of the phrases. Can anyone offer some sort of assistance in how he can recover his account?

Hopefully all money invested is not lost and any help is highly appreciated.

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Welcome to Algorand Foundation!

I am sorry for your friend.

Luckily, it should be possible to recover the missing word.
See Any tips on retrieving a missing 24th word from mnemonic (MyAlgoWallet)

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