Wallet recovery

hello guys i create my algo wallet for join governance voting but when i create my wallet i only got 24 phrases then after some time i logged in my wallet and did some transaction but now when i go to my algo website it shows me that i need to enter 25th word but i didnt have any 25th word i only got a 24 word recovery phrase when i reached out support they give me a list of 2043 words on github i try every words from that list nothing is works please help me i have 0 knowledge in developing and python my algo stuck in my wallet

Which wallet software did you use?

If you used Ledger Nano, then it’s normal you only have 24 words.

If you used the official Algorand Wallet or MyAlgoWallet, you should have got 25 words.
If you forgot to write down the last word, see 25th word missing :-(

If you used another wallet, the format may be different.

bro i use the official my algo wallet website to create the wallet and i only get 24 word phrase and i also logged in 2-3times with my 24 words only

mate i have 0 knowledge in programming dont know what is that git repositori and sdk