25th word missing :-(

I hope someone can help me last Friday I was mugged and had my IPhone stolen
A very unpleasant experience
I have my algo’s on a ledger but I haves all my ASA’s
On my algorand wallet and a few coins

I thought I was super careful with the pass phrase but apparently not

I have only noted 24 words and not the 25th one, and I’m locked out of my account

Can anyone help or have I lost access to my account


The good thing is that the 25-th word can be computed from the first 24 words.
See py-algorand-sdk/mnemonic.py at 6e2ac427424f0fe89138977af13ec7de52f11483 · algorand/py-algorand-sdk · GitHub if you know Python.

If you try to do that, I would recommend doing it on an airgapped computer.

Disclaimer: Algorand makes no representations regarding the functioning or security of wallets, exchanges, or tools mentioned in the answer above, and disclaims any liability therefof. You are fully responsible for the security and the availability of your keys.

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That’s amazing
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to reply

I’m encouraged that some hope is available to recover my account

I have no idea what airgapped or that program does or what python is I will try to find understand how it works, I feel like a dork for missing the 25th word

That is way over my pc knowledge to complete
I literally have no idea what I’m doing

It is not your fault @wynn and you are not the first to run into this. Ledger hardware wallets only provide 24 words long standard mnemonic phrases. The 25th word is just an Algorand checksum.

You can do this, wynn :muscle:

I’m still quite shaken about the mugging

I’m found the list of words used in the post above
I’m trying them manually, think it’s around 2000 words, should take a few weeks to find it
Assuming it was the 25th word I did not record down for emergencies

I have idea about using python

500 done lol
Knowing my luck it will be one of the last ten words

I am defeated :frowning:
I simply don’t understand how to make this python thing work

I wish able to work it out and restore my ASA’ account

just tell us the words you know :slight_smile:

He may not have to do that. I think if he can run Python, he should be able to recover his account without compromising its security…

he has stated that he already tried the python…

how much algos ASAs do you have stucked in there?

Can’t do it, sadly I have no idea about python

I have idea how to use python or pc code

I’m such a muppet for missing the 25th word
Of memory
I had
6000 Headlines
10 potatoes
2 F**ks
And 1 Fame

@wynn I’m sorry :confused:

Like @fabrice said, you can compute the 25th word if you know the first 24, but if the word you’re missing is one of the first 24, you may need to try all possible combinations…

A basic structure for your program in Python would look like this

# recover.py
# written by danger_dave

from algosdk import mnemonic
from algosdk import wordlist

# Write in Public Key here
address = ""

# 24 words go here (single space seperated)
confirmed = "yellow bird ... cat"

word_list = wordlist.word_list_raw().split("\n")
curr = 0
first_part = ""
second_part = confirmed
for location in range(25):
    if location != 0:
        curr = confirmed.index(" ", curr + 1)
        first_part = confirmed[:curr]
        second_part = confirmed[curr:]
    for word in word_list:
        test_phrase = first_part + " " + word + second_part
            test_address = mnemonic.to_public_key(test_phrase)
        if test_address == address:

I just tested it by deleting a random word. This should work.

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Should I post them here?

I think if I find someone who knows computers maybe they will know what that means

I tested that code with one of my accounts, and it was able to recover the full phrase. All you need to do is download python, install algosdk with the command pip install py-algorand-sdk, fill in your account info where I commented, and run the program.

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This is a dangerous joke with someone who is new to crypto, please consider this in future posts.

@wynn, never share your passphrase, incomplete or complete with anyone, especially not on a forum like this. While you may not have picked up on it, @scholtz was kidding when he said post your words here.

Again, please do not post any part of your passphrase on this forum, Algorand employees will never ask for your passphrase.


Ok thank you
I was not sure