Android app not showing correct address

I just added my only testnet account to the Algorand android app using the passphrase but the app shows a completely different address (public key). Any ideas?

Hey Fran,

Where/how did you create the first address?

What is the first address?

What is the second address?


Also, what version of the android app are you using?

Hi Paul,

Opened 28.05.19
App version 1.0.2-6
Many thanks

how did you generate the testnet account address?

Using goal commands. Please double check, this is the testnet address AGOQKB4CLQEO6VLFLPJLEMUXKBB7OS3X32O6JAQCUK453B3JNBQE2YK74I

can you delete the android account, re-export the mnemonic from goal, re-import to android and see if the same thing occurs?

It would also help if you listed the exact commands you’re using.

How do I re-export the mnemonic from goal?
I tried this: ./goal wallet new MyWallet -r -d ~/node/data
The answer after entering the mnemonic is
Please choose a password for wallet ‘MyWallet’:
Please confirm the password:
Creating wallet…
Couldn’t create wallet: wallet with same name already exists

What I think is that the Android app creates a new public key just to be used in our phones but it is not accessible from the terminal, kind of bridge account. I guess.

I think what is happening here is you are using a wallet mnemonic where it expects an account mnemonic. Try using algokey to generate an account locally on the node.
./algokey generate
It will print out the address and the backup phrase. Use that on the android app. You can import that address into your goal wallet by using the import cmd.
goal account import -m “sudden poet wrong pottery lawsuit dance raven mercy void veteran law usual sea length shed faculty dove journey deliver fatigue attack hidden bean abstract inch” -d data -w mywallet

Jason you are right.
All sorted
Many thanks
You are a legend!!