Wrong Transcation

I had algo testnet token in my aglo wallet
Unfortunately, By mistake i have transferred to the binance aglo address which is mainnet
I am not able to recover those algo fund which is testnet. I can able to see my fund in binance and How can i extract algo wallet from binance ?
So please revert the transaction of mine…
Its by mistake i have sent to mainnet exchange binance please refund to my source account
Help me

Source address :


Destination address:


Transcation id:


Block : 19067719

Balance : 49.999 algo

Type : transfer

Please refund my balance…
Help me

The Algos cannot get from the testnet to the mainnet. You are on the testnet and you have sent your testnet Algo to a testnet address.

To be clear. You have not suffered any financial loss. Algos on the testnet are worthless and you can still fetch testnet Algos simply by using the dispenser https://bank.testnet.algorand.network/.

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As @cysec wrote above, only the account holder of FBWCZQAT4IVY4KPNEAZAC44W4PZMCUH3HYWZA7RHJG4RTZCTTPVPXDDUG4 would be able to do that.

You can contact binance, and maybe they could do it for you ( assuming they truly have the private key & would be willing to take the extra mile and help you ).