Lost transaction (legder to pera)

pera wallet transaction?

So i sent algo from my Leger live acoount to my newly opened pera wallet, without doing a test transaction and of course it’s no where to be seen. Here’s the details below appreciate any help anyone can offer! It looks like it was sent to some other adress that i didn’t enter??



Receiving adrsss:

My pera wallet adress that i entered:

You appear to have sent your Algo to the Governance address (UAME4M7T2NWECVNCUDGQX6LJ7OVDLZP234GFQL3TH6YZUPRV3VF5NGRSRI) for period 4. Historically the Algorand Foundation have kindly sent them back, but there’s no guarantee if or when it will happen. It’s very important to check the destination address before approving a transaction.

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That makes sense, I was looking to become a governor, but i didn’t think it went through. So thus I went to send it to pera and then stake it. But it must have gotten lost in the process?

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