Any Algorand strategic roadmap for growth/adoption?!


Is there any published strategic roadmap for Algorand growth and adoption? For example what areas are the focus, how the adoption is gonna happen and timelines. These are important information needed for any Algorand investment thesis.
Also moving forward, whose responsibility to update the strategic roadmap, inc., foundation or governance (when available) participants?

This is also posted on Reddit.

No, there isn’t, as far as I know.

There was an Encode Club Algorand Educate series, " Algorand Consensus Algorithm". See the recording here:

During the QA session I asked the lecturer, Mr Zhu,Head of Ecosystem Advocacy, Algorand Foundation,
what happened with Prof. Micali’s initiative for self-governance. He answered that the necessary developments are in way and it will be put into practice till the end of this year (2021).

I also asked him about the technical roadmap. To my amazement, he told us that there is no need for a roadmap.

I think we should collect our questions, concerning Algorand and the Technical Roadmap here, and ask it on relevant forums untill we get the answers. :slight_smile:

Technical side:
E.g.according to plans

  • what developments will be made to achieve self-governance?
  • when will ASC 3 be released?
  • How powerful ASC3 will be?
  • when will the Algorand mainchain - sidechains version released?
  • when will be the Android Algorand Wallet open source?
    etc. etc, your questions here

Economics side:

  • how will relay nodes/full archival nodes incentivised
  • what is the algorithm for the supply of Algos? e.g. according to, the circulating supply of Algos now is 5.2 Billion.
    etc. etc. your questions here