Any plans to allow the url contained in an ASA to be updated?

Hi, as per the title, we’d like the creator wallet to be able to change the url contained within several thousand ASAs so that it points to the right place. I don’t believe there’s currently any way to change this parameter within the protocol, which seems a bit of an unnecessary limitation (although I’m sure there are lots of very good reasons why it was implemented in this way!). So I was just wondering whether there were any plans to change this aspect of the protocol - and even where these kind of changes are raised / discussed / decided?
Thanks, Rob

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Hi Sanderr2,

I don’t expect the URL parameter will allow for mutability any time soon but in the meantime you may consider using ARC-19 to allow for mutable references ARC-19: Templating of NFT ASA URLs for mutability


Thanks Ben, that’s really helpful. Do you know why the protocol was designed with the url immutable - even to the creator wallet? I’m guessing there’s a very good reason!

I expect it is to provide certainty about the assets underlying metadata, if the URL is immutable folks can depend on it not being swapped out from under them.

In the case of an NFT for example imagine buying what you think is a leet jpeg only to have the URL swapped out for a lame rick astley video.


Yes of course - that makes perfect sense!
Thanks Ben

Yes, that is a very good reason.
Would be great to have it update-able if the current value is null though.
So basically giving the option to set it just once and lock it afterwards.