Arc-19 url ipfs + pinata vs ipfs + arweave

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to use the arc-19 template to mint tokens with a mutable URL.
After looking through github and seeing a few other projects that have minted arc-19 nfts I’ve noticed that they’re using Pinata to pin the ipfs url. I’m assuming this is required in order to make the ipfs data readily available to whoever requests it. However I was wondering if this could also be done using Arweave instead of IPFS Pinata.

NFT projects pin IPFS through many services or even their own IPFS nodes, as IPFS is open-source and completely decentralized, with no fees or blockchain required to pin. Pinata is just one such pinning provider but there are many (some effectively free as well - ie: There’s nothing specific to Pinata with IPFS, or ARC19.
If you want to use Arweave then a different arc (perhaps as an arc referencing arc19 but defining a new scheme?) is probably appropriate.

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I am with Patrick on this.
For me, the best way is to create a new ARC referencing the ARC-19

You will need to explain why use Arweave instead of ipfs, and add something like this:

template-ipfsarweave://{ipfscid:<version>:<multicodec>:<field name containing 32-byte digest, ie reserve>:<hash type>}

It is an idea worth pursuing.