API for dispenser

Can I get the API for the dispenser?

To my knowledge, there is no API for the dispenser as it’s protected by a CAPTCHA to prevent abuse.

You can however create your own dispenser by first using a couple of times the official dispenser to get, say 1,000 Algos to an account for which you know the secret key. And then use this account as a dispenser.

What is your use case?

That’s smart.
I actually needed to fund an account without having to manually visit the dispenser. If I generate an account or two, want to automatically send find it to be eligible to perform transactions.

I did put in a pull request to at least be able to pass an account on the url as a parameter. It was merged, just not sure when it will be deployed. This should populate the entry box for the account, which will help testnet and betanet web and mobile apps a bit (no copy and paste needed). This should work at some point… https://bank.testnet.algorand.network/?account=IYHL6LUP6ASGPDOCVA4A4KNISXLKMKW3ZMRYQQCFGBBNCJVL2TL4TNXSPE

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Oh wow, I’ll try that now.