Atomic Transfers question - is it possible to make it so that everyone only needs to sign once when they submit?

I’m thinking of building this game on Algorand using atomic transfers:

  • There’s an escrow account that has a secret password that guards the funds. If someone can solve the account’s respective puzzle, they can find the solution that is the password that unlocks the funds.
  • Anyone can raise the stakes by sending algos to the escrow fund to increase the prize pool. Once the puzzle is solved, all of these transactions are approved and the prize pool is released to the winner.
  • But if the puzzle is not solved by a specific date/time, then everyone gets their money back.

Is this possible to do with atomic transfers? Looking at the docs, it sounds like all of the people who submit transactions submit them unsigned and then need to actively sign the group of transactions when it’s ready to be submitted, but for this to work, people would need to be able to sign transactions ahead of time and then know that they will automatically be approved or denied when the escrow account smart contract executes and passes without having to each sign the group of transactions when it’s ready to be approved.