Atomic Transfer with token swap + ASC1 modification

I’m trying to transfer an ASA and modify a corresponding stateful ASC1 at the same time. Is it possible to group these two types of actions into an atomic transfer?

Yes, you can group any transactions in an atomic transfer. The only constraints are:

  • you can group at most 16 transactions
  • each transaction must be valid on their own (except for the fees that are pooled)
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I see in the Transaction Overview that there are 5 types of transactions. They all seem to be ASA related, which one would a modification request to an ASC1 fall under?

Indeed, this page is outdated. Just opened an issue: Add new transaction types · Issue #507 · algorand/docs · GitHub

Application calls are described in the reference section: Transaction Reference - Algorand Developer Portal

Update of an application is described there: Overview - Algorand Developer Portal

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We have couple of examples of group transaction in Algo Builder (a high level framework for managing Algorand projects and smart contracts). Here, for example you have a group of 3 transactions of our Bond Smart Contracts, where the first tx is Algo payment, second is ASA transfer, and the last one is smart contract (app) call.

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