Atomic transfer usecase

Hi guys I have been workin on this Bidding use case but I am not following how its atomic transfer is working can anyone help on that.

Thank you!!

Hi Isha,

Can you say more about what is tripping you up?

Generally using an Atomic Transfer is a way to group multiple transactions in such a way that if any fail, they all fail. This is extremely useful in the case that partial success of a group of transactions would result in undesired, irreversible outcomes. With an Atomic Transfer you can be sure that your application wont end up in some undesired state from a partial success.

Okay so I that use case when I read it there are 2 group transaction happening

  1. In the contract file in setup auction
  2. In the SDK part in where it says atomic transfer

so what is the dirrerence between them? contains the logic for the smart contract to validate and approve transactions generates the atomic transaction and submits it to the application.

The logic defined in is compiled to teal then the application is created with that logic. When a transaction (or grouped/atomic transaction) is submitted to call the application, the logic is evaluated against the transaction and approves or rejects it

Okay okay great.
I’ll go through the code and document once again.
Thanks a lot @Ben!!

Am doing the same bidding usecase just made changes and running it on testnet.
Now I want to add a field to nft creation like description that can be pushed on blockhain and that I can view on the algo explorer.
How can I do that?
If there is any document or link I can refer please let me know

First, we recommend following ARC-3 for new assets:

This will allow block explorers, wallets, … to display correctly your asset soon.
(This standard is still not fully supported by all clients, but will hopefully soon)

In addition to ARC-2, descriptions such as Algorand are manually added by the maintainers of
Such assets are called “verified” by
To get your asset “verified”, you need to contact them Algorand (ALGO) Blockchain Explorer

Okay thanks a lot @fabrice