Balance in wallet showing 0 algos

I have download and move my algos into the Algorand wallet apps a few days ago. All is fine and dandy until today. When I opened the app, the balance showed that I have 0 Algos in my account/asset. There is also no transactions in my transaction history. However, when I check my address with the algoexplorer, I can see the correct amount of algos, as well as all of my transactions. For a few days now I have done no transaction, I did not even open the app, so I could not know what might have happen to lead to this.

A side note, when checking the notification, I can still see the noti for my previous transaction. Which prove that I have not just done something wrong but wasn’t aware of. It is just strange that I cannot see the transactions in history, and my balance is 0. Previously, both my history and the value of algos is correctly shown.

Any help is appreciate. Thank you very much

If you’ve confirmed that algoexplorer shows the correct balance, than you already know that the algos/assets are secured…

The issue seems to be with the Algorand wallet backing servers. It’s already being looked at… but it would be great if you could confirm later on that the issue got resolved from your end as well.

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