Sent Algo to Trust Wallet but shows no coins after completed transaction

Hello, a few days ago I attempted to move my ALGO from the exchange to Trust Wallet, as I’ve done with a number of other assets in the past. The transaction is “Complete” via the, and shows a balance of 2,xxx ALGO in that wallet, but in Trust Wallet itself my balance is 0. There is a note in the wallet that “The Algorand network requires a one-time fee of 0.1 ALGO for account activation” however clicking that notice takes me to the developer portal and some kind of white paper that as far as I can tell has nothing to do with explaining “account activation” or how to pay that fee.

What “account?” How do I pay this fee? Thanks.

is just information that there are no algos deposited…

i do not know trust wallet, i cannot tell you… is it web based? can you check if it is doing requests and the response from the algod node is that it has zero balance? Can you setup your own algod and indexer nodes there?

i think you should just double check your account address

i hope it shown you the mnemonic when you openned the account… if that is true, just use the mnemonic in any other wallet to make transactions.

if not, not your keys, not your crypto… i recommend to take the assets from there as soon as they will be available

I had this same issue. I messaged trust wallet support and reached out on the reddit.
it appears some back end work has been done as trust wallet froze, i hard closed app, reopened and now balance was correct and transfer screen was live which was not live before. This was earlier today.
I believe they had a node connectivity issue.

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They haven’t followed up on my support ticket but I had the same thing this morning doc.

Could one of the moderators on this site please help with this question ,it doesnt seem to be answered .This has also happened to me today , im not very technical so things like this are a nightmare, it should just be a simple task of transfering your tokens to a trust wallet and then you have full access to them like with all the other tokens. There is a note to say they transfer was completed but there is no access and just the message you need to activate and sends me to a c.c provider to buy more Algorand. How do I activate the account.?

First a word of caution: there are many scammers that will pretend to offer support and will then steal all your tokens. Be very careful. In particular never ever give passwords / mnemonics / … to anyone. Nobody should ever see your mnemonic / passphrase / passwords.

Disclaimer: This post is purely for educational purpose. In no event will I nor any other person associated with this post be liable to you for any damages of any kind (including, loss of revenue, income or profits, loss of use or data, or damages of any sort) arising out of or in any way connected to this post. You understand that you are fully responsible for the security and the availability of your keys.

On Algorand, you can check if a transaction took place by going to a block explorer such as or If you type your address (the address of your account as specified in the trust wallet) there, you can see whether you received the tokens or not.

If you did receive the tokens, normally everything should be good. You should have the tokens. The issue is with Trust Wallet that just does not display it correctly. I do not know Trust Wallet personally. It looks however from the posts above that sometimes their backend has issues and does not update properly the balance. In that case, please contact Trust Wallet / wait.

If you did not receive the tokens according to a block explorer above, the means the sender of the tokens did not send properly the tokens. If you bought your tokens on an exchange, please contact the exchange. If someone was supposed to send you the tokens, please contact them.

Hello i have the same issue, i sent my algo to trust wallet and transaction completed, but the balance is zero,
What should i do.?
How to activate the account .?
Please help me

There is no activation of account.

The first step is to check on a block explorer such as what the balance of the recipient account is.

If the balance is correct on the block explorer and incorrect on Trust Wallet, this is a bug of Trust Wallet: you need to directly contact them to fix the issue.

If the balance is also 0 on the block explorer, you need to check if the transaction actually occurred. If it does not appear on the block explorer, this means the transaction failed or was incorrect (e.g., a typo in the recipient address, the wrong amount, …). You need to investigate what happened and redo it if appropriate.

If the transaction does appear on the block explorer but the balance is zero, this means another transaction took away the Algos from the account. You need to figure out whether you approved this second transaction. If you approved it, you solved the case! If you did not approve it, you need to figure out what happened: you may have leaked your private key, there may be a bug in one of the software you used, you may have fallen prey to a scam, …