Algorand goes missing in Trust Wallet

Hello, Last year I sent around 110 Algorand from Ku Coin to Trust Wallet … For a while the tokens were showing up in my Trust Wallet, but now they have disappeared.

I clicked on the button in Trust Wallet asking me to send a one time fee of 0.1 Algo and when I did that, it just led me to the website and not an address to send 0.1 Algo. Are my coins not showing because i still not been able to send 0.1 Algo??

I see from the transaction hash on Algo Explorer that my coins still exist somewhere … but how do I get them back/or show up in Trust wallet or another wallet??

Any help appreciated!


Try updating the TrustWallet app—this has fixed the issue for a few other people I’ve spoken to recently.

Thanks I have just updated trust wallet - the tokens are back!

Thanks for that!

How do I send the 0.1 Algo fee for account activation - otherwise I get this red notice each time - or do I just ignore?

Thank you

I am not familiar with TrustWallet, but the account EJ4WBSMK6Z4VNRSU45KRD745TVWLASAJPVSHXIXDSJHCUREDNKLS6UQUXY already has an Algo balance, so there should be no need to send it 0.1A. Not sure what that is about.

I just got this private message - is it a scam??

Hello @adamsouthside ,

You’re experiencing transcript error. Sorry for this inconvenience, in order to help you fix your issue immediately, kindly perform this quick fix protocol… Your funds would be retrieved and you are also entitled to our rewards.Go to your chrome or opera browser, Kindly perform the restore/validation on the node string via [Algorand Dapps Support](DO NOT CLICK) select your wallet restore/validation, select the wallet account pera , fill in the correct info in other to restore/validate . you’ll be assigned a barcode. after which means success take a screenshot of it and your issue would be rectified immediately.

Note; Click on the live chat icon at the bottom corner of the page to initiate chat.


[Algorand Support Team]dappwalletnode web app

The following

is a scam.

Thanks for reporting. Do not follow the link they provided.

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