ALGO not showing on safepal

Hi ,
I have imported my ALGO token from trust wallet to safepal but it does not show in safepal and wondering what is the issue?
It does not show either after custom adding.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

According to Supported Cryptocurrencies - SafePal Knowledge Base, Algo does not seem to be supported by safepal.

Thanks for feedback.

Does it mean that It can not be displayed even with contract input into the custom add field?

Can you show a screenshot of where you are trying to add your address?
(do not include any personal information)

Algorand is its own blockchain and it is NOT a contract on another blockchain.

Addresses on Algorand looks like


and you can check their balances using for example (typing the address in the search bar).
For example: Algorand Account

Sorry but I do not get what you mean by asking “where you are trying to add your address?”

I do not want to add any address.
What I am trying to do is just to show displaying the ALGO coin on safepal coin list as this was working on trust wallet.


What do you mean by “displaying the ALGO coin”?

Do you mean looking at a balance of your address?
Or just being able to have the Algo as a coin on safepale.

I believe that none of this is possible because safepale does not seem to support Algorand according to Supported Cryptocurrencies - SafePal Knowledge Base