Bitcoin rpc compatibility layer


It would be extremely useful if algorand implemented a bitcoin RPC compatibility layer.

This will help very much with exchange listing, you will be listed on more exchanges more quickly in this way.

This does not need 100% coverage and should be fairly straightforward. I can be more precise if you’re open to the idea but it is not difficult to guess what kind of functionality an exchange requires, mostly around wallet.


Can you give some more details?


Because there are so many bitcoin forks supporting their RPC format would be a huge win for compatibility. 100% coverage of wallet and node functionality would be safe but not mining would not be necessary for exchange integration .


Are you referring to the wallet related calls here?


Yes those are the RPC calls that I’m talking about.

Interestingly, there is a comprehensive test suite here that is independent of implementation


Thanks for the info. We will definitely look at it. Currently, we do not have plans to do this but you make a great point.