BUIDLBoston Hackathon Thread (Updated with Winners)

Hey Algorand Community!

We’re excited to sponsor the BUIDLBoston Hackathon to help connect and learn with the community to develop new ways to address problems that will not only impact Boston, but transform the way in which the global community collaborates for a sustainable future. We’re also hosting an Algorand Developer Overview Meetup right before the hackathon! You’ll be able to interact directly with the Algorand team, and build some of the first things on Algorand!

I want to use this topic to start discussing potential ideas and use cases that could be used for BUIDLBoston and beyond.

Algorand Developer Overview and Hackathon Prep: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/algorand-developer-overview-tickets-60945713269
Date/Time: Friday May 10 – 6-8PM
Location: WorkBar - Back Bay

Full Boston Hackathon Details:
Website: BUILDBoston DevPost
Location: GSVlabs - Boston
Dates: May 11-12
Over $5K in prizes

Apply for BUIDLBoston Here!
Join the Hackathon Discord Channel!

BUIDLBoston–Online Hackathon Details
Website: BUILDBoston Online DevPost
Dates: May 3-25
Over $3750 in prizes

Apply for BUIDLBoston–Online Here!
Join the Hackathon Discord Channel!

Judging Criteria

  • Learning and Development
    • Did you attend any workshops?
  • Usage of Technology Partner
    • Did you use any technology partners?
  • Technical
    • Maturity/Feasibility/Design
  • Social Impact
    • Modeled on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
      • BUIDLBoston Featured SDG’s
        1. Quality Education
        2. Gender Equality
        3. Decent Work and Economic Growth
        4. Reduced Inequalities
        5. Climate Action
        6. Life Below Water
  • Partnership
    • Did you partner with other teams?

More information about the goals and theme for BUIDLBoston:

As the official Boston Blockchain Week hackathon - the BUIDLBoston team proudly provides entrepreneurs, students and professionals from around Massachusetts to connect, learn, and develop new ways to address problems that will not only impact Boston, but transform the way in which the global community lives using blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

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Maybe it’s an idea to try to setup a direct debit account?

User A buys an “newspaper” subscription from Company B.
The subscription has an recurring payment every 432000 rounds (or much lower for testing :slight_smile: )
User A wants to setup an account where Company B can direct debit from.

  • User A must be able to set a max what Company B can automatic withdraw from his account in X set of rounds.
  • When balance is not sufficient the amount to withdraw rights will move to the next X set of rounds. Only when company B tries to withdraw the given amount.
  • If company B doesn’t use his right in X set of rounds. There right for that round will expire and not be added to the next set.
  • User A can deny access to his account at any time

Or turn it around. And the user A itself can setup an automatic payment to the company B account. With the ability to set the amount, X set of rounds and stop at round Y

I am also curious about other ideas

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That’s a great suggestion, Kasper. The BUIDLBoston Team updated me on their judging criteria so I updated the OP.

The biggest thing to note is that one of the criterias is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I think a subscription service could fall under Decent Work and Economic Growth for sure.

I updated the Post with the new information. Details and signup for the BUIDLBoston Online Track have been released, and the DevPost sites for both onsite and online hackathons are live.

First 5 teams committed to building on Algorand tomorrow will receive $500 each!

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BUIDLBoston - Algorand Projects and Winners!

BuidlBoston Site:

All Submissions:

Algorand Hackathon Projects

AlgoMed (Grand Prize Winner!)

Doctor to Patient Provenance of Medicine

Insurance dAPP (Best Solution among Quality Education & Decent Work and Economic Growth SDGs) – (Team: Lords of the Lazy Goats)

Blockchain Solution for Disaster Relief Fund


A Blockchain Method for Indigenous Communities


Registry for Open Source Projects and Inventions to Encourage Co-Creation

Reminder that the BUIDLBoston-Online Hackathon runs until May 25th! Thanks to all the teams building on Algorand!