Calculating the true available supply

Does anyone know if it would be possible to calculate the total amount of algos that are tied up in opt-ins? I’m thinking of a ticker that counts the true number of liquid algos. Circulating supply minus all minimum balances minus transaction fee sink balance.

It’s all well and good us complaining about inflation, but imagine if we could see the true liquid supply ticking down with every block… might help to keep spirits up. It’s been a long 2 years of constant downward pressure.

Hesabpay - for example - creates a new account and sends it 0.3 algo for its opt-ins every 30 seconds or so. Every few minutes just from hesabpay alone there goes 1 out of 10 billion algo essentially gone for good.

I’ve done a few things with the algo explorer api and governance apis but can’t see any obvious way of calculating the number of algos tied up in opt-ins. Any ideas?

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