Can we store images

I would like to know if we can store images in alogorand blockchain. If yes how?
Also how is the cost of storage calculated.

I think you can use third party services such as IPFS. Scan through the resources for more information.

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Looks like they speak to this and off-chain storage via IPFS here:

“The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is an open-source solution that is well suited for the off-chain storage of transaction-related information. The IPFS is a decentralized file storage system that uses a cryptographic hash of the content as the address, which makes the content immutable.”

The example is for a PoS system but the reasoning is still the same - there is no storage on the ALGO blockchain in this case.

LBRY does some acrobatics to tie torrent-like function to a blockchain and might be more closely aligned with your ask. Cheers, -Pk

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You can store up to 1024 bytes in the note field of any transaction.

To store larger data, one solution is indeed to use IPFS and put the IPFS URL inside the note field.


@fabrice I also think that amount would do for storing TRI