How to build a database on Algorand?

I’m fairly new at this. Any links, information or videos that can guide me through building a database on Algorand would be extremely helpful.


Can you please elaborate a bit more on your requirement.

So basically I want to create fields for my metadata related to the music industry. These fields should be the name of a performer, title of the track, release date etc etc. I want these fields to be on the chain so that each time someone creates an asset of their song, its metadata can get registered to a standardised database. This is the basic idea behind the project.

if you want your data on-chain, then it should be either in the application global/local state. or NOTE field of the transaction(which is not preferred).
Another way could be to have this data on decentralized storage services like IPFS/file coin etc and save the hash in the asset URL.
There are several ways of doing it, but you need to check which is better for your project.

can you give some reason why you believe that note field usage should not be used?

we use it quite often, for example whole vote coin voting standard is built on the data storage in the note fields…

there is plenty of ARC standards using note field… even algorand foundation governance is using note field as data storage…

@anoushka … the thing is that you can store to blockchain note field only 1024 bytes… if you create a json schema how you write it to the blockchain, just write it there… If you have longer requirements you probably will have to use ipfs now, and if you need to publish link to ipfs you can do it in the note fields…

but it really depends on your use case. If you need audited data storage by blockchain use note field… if you need to perform some logic on the data you might use smart contracts… btw smart contracts can parse note field json

for the reference: vote coin specs: AMS/ at main · scholtz/AMS · GitHub
arc-0002… ARCs/ at main · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub

Thank you so much for this, it helps :slight_smile: