Cannot construct transaction: unknown consensus protocol when using goal clerk send

Running a participation node on MainNet.

When trying to send some algos using goal clerk send I’m getting the following error:

cannot construct transaction: unknown consensus protocol

however I’ve updated my node to the latest version and it is in sync using the required consensus protocol:

I could confirm this by running goal node status:

Last committed block: 8584910
Time since last block: 4.1s
Sync Time: 0.0s
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:
Round for next consensus protocol: 8584911
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Genesis ID: mainnet-v1.0
Genesis hash: wGHE2Pwdvd7S12BL5FaOP20EGYesN73ktiC1qzkkit8=

Am I missing something here?

Any help is much appreciated.

Can you post the command you used?

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Hi Jason, thank you for your reply. I manage to fix the issue using ./ before the command:

./goal clerk send

Can you run:

./goal version -v
./algod -v

One issue might be that you have installed the software in multiple places and ./goal is not the same version as of the goal command running the node.

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Hi frabrice, thanks for your reply. What you describe is exactly what was happening.

./goal from the latest install location fixed the unknown consensus protocol issue. Cheers