Transaction pending and never get committed

I am currently dealing with an error while writing transaction. No matter if I use the Python script or the goal command to write transaction, the transaction stay pending over several rounds and never seems to get committed. What causes this and how do I fix this?

The issue is most likely that your node is not synced.

Run goal node status.
Verify that sync time is 0.0s and the indicated block matches

If it does not and your node is not archival, you may consider using fast catchup.

seems like it is syncing. my node is in a private network and it is catching up with the latest block.

Can you write the exact command you executed to send Algos?

Please write them between triple backquotes ```
Like this:

goal clerk send ...

./goal clerk send --from=<my address> --to=<receiver address> --fee=1000 --amount=100000 --note="Hello World" -d data

Also I noticed, when I used this command to distribute the algos rom primary node to my non participant node, the transaction get committed pretty quick. But when I used the same command to send the money from 1 account address to the other within the same node, it does not get committed

That is very strange.
How did you create the private network?
What is your node version goal version -v?
Can you try with sandbox: GitHub - algorand/sandbox: Algorand node sandbox