Choice Coin 2023 Roadmap


The main goal for the year 2023 is to create and implement scalable decentralization strategies for long term growth. Additionally, Choice Coin DAN must develop trust with users and grow the Choice Coin brand with a reputation for excellence in ethics, integrity, and transparency.

Choice Coin will continue to maintain a cutting-edge research and development platform, focusing on the confluence of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Moreover, the Choice Coin DAN will Continue development of Choice Coin intellectual property, with a focus on supporting projects that add value. Choice Coin ultimately aims to create opportunity for open-source developers to innovate through various mechanisms, including hackathons and developer project bounties.

Choice Coin Inferno continues to burn Choice with the goal to stabilize the value captured in the asset. The Choice asset has a finite total supply of 1.00B. Of that, 739.38M Choice have been burned, 3.00M have been transferred to Ethereum, and 8.00M are being transferred to Solana. The main Choice Coin burn address is available on AlgoExplorer. A key goal for the project moving forward will be to continue to burn Choice to help stabilize asset value, improve efficiency, and maximize use as a utility software product.


  1. The Choice Coin project continues to prove its resilience in overcoming significant challenges relating to the economic downturn in decentralized markets. Unquestionably, significant value has transferred from private and decentralized markets over the past year to centralized authorities through various government mechanisms and public policies. Choice Coin continues to work toward being at the forefront of the discussion on topics relating to decentralized policy.

  2. Choice Coin faces significant competition in the decentralized landscape. Choice Coin has strong competition across blockchains as a layer-2 project, but will continue to focus on its core strategies, software development, and innovation to ensure the project delivers on needed demand with unique offerings to the world.

  3. As a decentralized and bootstrapped project, Choice Coin does not and will not pursue venture capital investments nor centralized exchanged listings. This means Choice Coin is forced to find ways to do more with less by design. The strategy is based on the assumption that access to limited resources forces real value to be created and innovation to happen.

  4. Choice Coin operates in a highly regulated environment. This means that Choice Coin developers and contributors often dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to ensuring Choice Coin remains legally compliant. While many competitors ignore compliance, as a decentralized governance platform, the Choice Coin DAN continues to demand excellence in ethics and compliance. While this may mean the project moves slower than other projects, it does so with the long-term perspective of building safe, secure, and significant software at a global scale.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Choice Coin software runs with minimal capital cost and without dependence on any centralized entity.

  2. Choice Coin is decentralized.

  3. Choice Coin does not and will not make new tokens.

  4. Choice Coin is open source.

  5. Choice Coin is legally compliant and an industry leader in decentralized compliance technology development.

  6. Choice Coin is transparent. In December 2022, Choice Coin published a Transparency Report for data regarding the network, Choice asset, and project goals.

  7. Choice Coin is a global network of young and talented blockchain entrepreneurs, innovators, and developers.

DeFly Wallet Connect | Q2

The next goal for the team is integrating DeFly wallet connect with Choice Coin’s voting application. Choice Coin developers are currently working on creating a way to enable DeFly wallet connection functionality in a react app via buttons. Development of this technology will allow users to connect to Choice Coin web applications with the DeFly wallet. DeFly is also very well respected in the Algorand community for having the best user experience for any Algorand wallet.

Betting Platform Beta Testing | Q2

The Choice Coin DAN is testing new gaming software as part of a trial service for market research. Bitcoin Choices is a new gaming application using blockchain technology to facilitate new odds making mechanisms for automated betting software. The technology leverages goBTC and uses Choice Coin open-source software as a Layer-2 Bitcoin scaling solution. Bitcoin Choices is also a certified legally compliant trial service.

Ethereum Functionality | Q3

Choice Coin is in the process of migrating development resources and assets to the Ethereum blockchain. In Q3, Choice Coin DAN intends to publish a new white paper on Ethereum voting building on existing and robust Ethereum voting research, as well as continue development for Ethereum connectivity. In large part, this will focus on integrating MetaMask with the Decentralized Decisions application. From there, the two main goals for development are security and simplicity because both are required for scalable use.

Bitcoin Core Contribution | Q3

Choice Coin continues to work toward making mechanisms for effectively scaling Bitcoin for both betting and voting. A main goal for Q3 will be contributing to the Bitcoin Core GitHub from the Choice Coin GitHub to solidify the developing partnership between the projects. Choice Coin DAN continues to model its efforts for decentralization similar to the Bitcoin protocol, which is now officially Choice Coin’s main layer-1 after the most recent governance decision.

Solana Interchain Launch | Q3

In Q3, Choice Coin intends to launch the digital asset Choice on the Solana platform. Currently, development for the launch is underway and open source on the Choice Coin GitHub as part of the Choice Coin Converter. In total, 8.00M Choice have been burned on Algorand to be released on Solana.

Choice Coin will focus utility for the asset on decentralized compliance, growing on its partnership with the Solana Foundation and the work they’ve generously supported with a grant award. Indeed, a key component to Choice Coin development is compliance as a leader in research and open software innovation.

Mobile App Development | Q4

A main goal for 2023 is for Choice Coin to begin serious development of mobile applications. Choice Coin core technology is proving capable for performing both voting and betting type applications, which will be the focus for initial brainstorming in application prototypes. A main goal is to build secure voting technology on blockchains that is accessible through mobile devices.

Algorand TEAL App Development | Q4

Choice Coin will focus on developing trustless applications in the TEAL programming language on Algorand. In fact, Choice Coin has been developing open source TEAL code since the year 2021. Caution will be used moving toward production, as the development team slowly proceeds toward permissionless software systems with security in mind.

Smart Contracts Platform Development | Q4

Choice Coin will advance scalable construction on a smart contracts platform in Q4. With generous support from the Algorand Foundation, Choice Coin has been a leader in the development of Algorand Smart Contracts:

  1. Research: Smart Contracts on Algorand
  2. Infrastructure: Choice Coin open source smart contract software
  3. Innovation: U.S. Patent Application US17/375,542

Now, the Choice Coin DAN is committed to continuing this work toward product development to allow for more real value to be added to the Algorand network with Algogeneous smart contract technology.

Path to Progress

This Roadmap is flexible and may change as the year evolves. The goal with this work is to provide insight into the vision for future development of Choice Coin. As a new blockchain project, Choice Coin will remain agile, focused, and lean in development with attention on adding and capturing real value for the network. More broadly, Choice Coin DAN will continue working toward creating global opportunity for open source software development and innovation in decentralized technologies. Learn more and follow our progress on the Choice Coin official website.

Let’s build something great.



Choice Coin now uses DeFly Connect!

As we continue Beta Testing on the Choice Coin Betting Platform, suggestions and requests are greatly appreciated!