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Blockchain can be defined as a shared ledger, allowing thousands of connected computers or servers to maintain a single, secured, and immutable ledger.

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer decentralized distributed ledger technology that makes the records of any digital asset transparent and unchangeable and works without involving any third-party intermediary.

Blockchain is a powerful technology with applications in fields such as cryptocurrency, healthcare, insurance, government, music, identification, supply chain, data management, and many more

Algorand Foundation was created in 2017, by Silvio Micali and a team of scientists to process the volume of transactions needed for DeFi, financial institutions (FIs) and governments. Built on the tenets of an open, public and permissionless blockchain, Algorand provides a frictionless exchange of value along with next-generation financial products and protocols.

The Algorand Foundation, which leverages a stable, universal platform to further blockchain adoption, announced the creation of the Viridis DeFi Program, a 150 million Algo fund that will support DeFi innovation on its network. Altogether, the fund is worth approximately USD 300 million.


Choice Coin is an open-source digital asset, which is used to solve the decentralized governance problem. The decentralized governance problem refers to the complex process by which assets are allocated across decentralized networks.

A voting token for autonomous organizations, Choice Coin is built on the Algorand blockchain as an Algorand Standard Asset.
The goal for the Choice Coin Community is to support the Algorand Community in growing an open, collaborative, and borderless blockchain. Thus, the Choice Coin Network is intrinsically designed to draw new members and retain existing members on the Algorand Network through an optimized participation structure.

There are three main methods for participation in the Choice Coin ecosystem. The three main participation options are democratic involvement incentives, charitable contributions, and open innovation.

Additionally, Choice Coin’s inclusive strategy may be amended to include more participation options over time and is focused on creating new value on the Algorand Network.
To learn more about Choice Coin, kindly visit the links below!

Choice coin website
Choice coin white paper


Hi @Xcity … welcome to the community…

what has motivated you to write this post? Have you seen AMS0001 ?

The difference between Choice coin and AMS-0001 standard is

  • you can delegate your vote in knowledge based manner in AMS-0001
  • it has working implementation on the mainnet / testnet / sandbox
  • it is true knowledge based pure democratic voting system
  • does not rely on how much coins you buy that much power you have
  • have different extensions (1 person = 1 vote, 1 coin = 1 vote, delegation,…)

Btw, what makes you think guys that making new algorand forum accounts and spam it with the solution you dont even have online demo will help you? Lets rather start argument conversation why you think your solution is supperior over ams0001?

I believe that ams0001 solution is much cheaper to run, it has better better democratic principles, it has voting power delegation, it has working online solution, it has defined standard…

@Cylakk @bhaney44 Is there any chance you would addopt the ams0001 standard in Choice coin?

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Our community is sharing information about Choice Coin, which is a new and important asset on the Algorand blockchain. I read your ams0001 proposal. Again, it is not completely incompatible with what we have created in Choice Coin. The main difference is we have created a generalizable system and you have created a limited system to implement a specific form of democratic voting.

We are focused on building and scaling our product to meet customer needs, solve problems, and drive real use cases for voting on Alogrand. We will not adopt ams0001 because there is no customer, no clear business plan, nor even a charitable use case. As I said before, you are welcome to contribute to our GitHub and participate in our community - which would make sense given you have already opted-in to Choice. Thanks.


Choice Coin solves the decentralized governance problem by providing a mechanism for secure voting using post-quantum cryptography.

It is also a voting token for autonomous organizations, Choice Coin is built on the Algorand blockchain as an Algorand Standard Asset.


  1. Decentralized Voting: Choice Coin powers Decentralized Voting Technology that will define governance for the next generation.

2.Participatory Validation: Holders of Choice Coin can immediately vote on allocations for the network, which will help democratic causes and organizations.They can make life changing choices by holding the CHOICE COIN.

3.Open Development: The Choice Coin Network is entirely open source, and all participants can develop openly on both Choice Coin and its voting protocol.

Which is an all rounder in my own view …as this is basically community driven project


Blockchain has many use cases, blockchain voting is just one of the use cases.

$Choice coin as a decentralized voting coin, it would make holder have the right to vote candidate of their choice.
Transparency, security, anonymity and the processing time is a main reason holders should get to use $choice coin to vote as it uses the Algo network.
Without voting, people would not be able to have a say on certain decisions and proposed changes.

Choice is surely a lambo project

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Heard of Choice Coin? One of the best project on Algo blockchain. it’s an algorand based Blockchain and an open source digital asset for solving the decentralized governance problem. You may ask, what exactly is Decentralized Governance problem, it is a complex process by which assets are allocated across decentralized networks. Simply put, decentralized governance problem is the lack of a system to facilitate autonomous decision making in a distributed manner using digital assets. This is a project we all should look forward to because it’s coming in with a big surprise, it has so much to offer, well planned and ready to do wonders… don’t miss out on this project on Algo blockchain.:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Ye, Choice coin is a voting asset on the Algorand Blockchain, a publicly accessible asset, which is used for Decentralization, Voting and Governance.

Being aimed at governance, allows token holders to help guide the future of its protocol, enabling it’s holders to vote on decisions pertaining to the decentralisation.

Choice coin is targeted at solving this decentralised governance issues, by providing a mechanism for secure voting using post-quantum cryptography, and also working on a neural network for predicting market volatility.

Y’all check us out @

Choice coin on GitHub

Choice coin website

To know more.

Thanks :relaxed:

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