Creation Cost Setting problem

I’m working on open source called openNFT(here is link:)

I’ve just found they set NFT creation cost like this: data() {
return {
unitName: ‘’,
assetName: ‘’,
assetDescription: ‘’,
image: null,
imageFile: null,
imageValue: ‘’,
errors: {},
creationCost: 0.302 + 1.508 + 0.001 * 4

1.508 looks algorand price but I have a difficulty to understand other parameters.
As a newbie in Algorand, if someone can help me, really it will be helpful for me.

Thank you.

Have you read



Costs of creation of NFTs on Algorand are just 0.001 Algo for the transaction, and 0.1 Algo recoverable cost as required minimum balance.

Yes. I’ve read this. and then. did not find answer why they set price like that. so asked this problem in community in discord. one developer said it’s just their manual setting reflect their economic tactical.
Not sure this is correct answer or not.
creationCost: 0.302 + 1.508 + 0.001 * 4
this value is too bigger minimum balance value too much.

Thank you