DAO Bounties by HEADLINE

HEADLINE is building a suite of DAO infrastructure tools. We have also committed 10,000 Algos to bounties related to this project. The first bounty, DAO Deposit, is funded (1000 Algo) and is open to submissions as of today. All successful bounties will be rolled into our upcoming DAO platform and be fully audited through Runtime Verification. Here are the links for Gitcoin and the Github Repo for submissions:

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Hi @ussaaron

you received grant from algorand?

I have mixed feelings about your requirements… Can you please specify them in much higher depth? Some analysis or graphics should be done or describe it much better.

As far as i understood is that you want to create DAO tools.

And the first tool you want to have is the tool that allows funding of dao from investors… right?

Let me analyze your request:

A DAO project wants to fund an ecosystem token staking solution.

This should be quite oposite… no? The DAO project is looking for funds. So the DAO wants to create ASA and allow investors to buy some portion of it.

By staking I assume you just mean that the token in long term will generate some profit, so each user stake is represented by asa.

The DAO pools funds from DAO members and engages the services of a software developer.

I do not get what is the role of a software developer. Is is the same as in the first sentence A DAO project?

What is DAO pools? Can one DAO have multiple pools? Is the pool the request to get funds from investors?

The software developer agrees to build the staking solution and allocate 40% of all future staking fees to the DAO investment pool.

So the developer is the one that creates the DAO. And develoeper issues asa where he holds 60% of tokens, and he wants to distribute 40% to investors.

I dont get it why you call the dao profit a fee. Usually the profit after taxes should be redistributed.

The software developer can access the DAO funding only after a multi-signature transaction is performed by delegates of both parties to confirm the agreement.

I dont get this point. Is there only one investor all the time? Do you know the investor before you start the contract? The developer can access the funding before he does the work? How is the investor protected?

Can be the solution for this to create escrow address where developer sends the 40% asa and the investor sends specified amount of usdc, and take the asa? If it is only two party negotation, the developer and investor agrees before they do any action on blockchain.

Btw, how does it differ from AlgoDex ? They already have it … you can put order to sell your asa, and investor can buy it… even more investors :slight_smile:

Also you did not specify timeframe… in gitcoin is written Time left: More Than A Year

I believe you may have misunderstood the bounty. The example given is just one possible use case for the bounty. The concept is very simple. A tool that allows DAOs to pool investment resources. There are all kinds of ways this can be used. We believe capital formation is an essential piece of DAO infrastructure. Hence why this is the first bounty from our DAO Bounties program.

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you did not answer the question. the question was if you can describe it in more depth because your description is quite vague… i dont see possible to create solution for you because whatever i have built might not be the solution what you are looking for. if you could specify it in more depth i believe you would have many more submissions

i understand that this is the first bounty out of many… in the picture you show also that you are looking for voting system… have you checked Introduction - VoteCoin ? It has been created for DAOs to effeciently manage the voting in their organizations.

also I wonder what is your source of algos. is it the foundation?