Decipher 2022 videos

I have missed Prof. Silvio Micali’s keynote address. Can it be viewed somewhere?
It would also be interesting to see the Algorand roadmap presentation…


Decipher 2022 | The Main Arena Livestream - Day 1

1:08:07 Welcome to Decipher
1:12:15 Staci Warden CEO
1:24:05 Algorand/Algorand Foundation Staff Introduce Themselves
1:33:20 Protocol Roadmap by Paul Riegle CPO Technology Strategy/
1:47:50 John Woods AlgoKit Dev Tools
1:55:00 Keynote by Silvio Micali
2:41:50 Supercharging DeFi on Algorand
3:24:40 Financial Inclusion at Scale
4:06:25 Wayru Decentralized Internet Infrastructure
4:17:45 The Payment Revolution is Now
5:30:55 Ryan Terribilini Head of Ecosystem Funding
5:38:45 Algorand Ecosystem VC’s
6:11:55 Safer Bridges to a Multichain Future
6:59:15 Adam Hofmann CEO/Founder of Nimble
7:11:40 A Debrief on Hacks and Safety
8:01:23 Where Crypto Goes From Here

Decipher 2022 - The Developer Greenhouse Livestream - Day 1
0:02:23 Lessons in Smart Contracts by Anne Kenyon, John Janotti
0:58:54 Algorand Performance by Noah Grossman, Algorand Technical Director
1:37:24 Pitch Competition
2:43:22 State Proofs
Enduring Value: Post-Quantum Security & State Proofs
by Christopher Peikert Algorand, Head of Cryptography
3:17:26 Round Table
Algorand’s Spectacular Distributed Systems Engineering: A Masterclas
by John Woods, Gary Malouf, Fred Estante
4:12:04 Koibanx Build: Onboarding 10k Devs from LATAM by Leo Elduayen
4:29:05 Demo: 2i2i by 1m1

Decipher 2022 | The Main Arena Livestream - Day 2
01:07 The Cryptographers Panel

Decipher 2022 | The Developer Greenhouse Livestream - Day 2
01:08 Lauch Your Developer Environment, by Ryan R. Fox