Do Americans need a Veza?

We do where I live. We said “Moraš imati vezu!”. That means that you have to have some person to contact there where some issue is meant to be solved. Get a bed and operation in a hospital (free healthcare), get a job (the state is still the main employer here), get a contract for some public offering, …

Veza (noun; Google gives these nouns: connection, link, bond, relation, contact).

But Google can’t comprehend what actually “veza” is. It’s nepotism and corruption at their worst. The worst is because you’re proud and satisfied with yourself if you have it. And successful.

I’m dealing with veza for 30 years or so. Dealing as in confronting it with my whole being. As a patriot.

We’ve brought a project to the Algorand community. In the first 30 days, we had got 4 million hits and 425 thousand unique visitors.

We’ve published an above-average quality whitepaper comparing with the rest of the projects on Algorand. Our tokenomics page starts with it and the monthly Transparency reports we write.

We do not have a veza. And I believe nobody in our community knows what veza is.

Our utility token is created at the very beginning of the project. It will be used in the future in the DAO governance too.

I am a human and so I make mistakes. I thought Algo Explorer is the way to go. About 8 weeks without a response. I reached someone from Tinyman afterward. After a week they answered that Algorand, Inc. is responsible.

So I reached two of the Algorand crew guys asking what I should do. Got an answer that I should fill the form. So I did.

We have got no legal entitiy yet. We discuss it just the way we discuss every decision we’re about to make. Is the problem for verification that there’s no legal entity yet?

We filled the form again, our community member used his English language powers this time.

Still nothing.

A mate came to me in DM with an email, allegedly an email of a guy who decides about token verification things there at Algorand. I started thinking about what would be the most efficient approach to not lose too much time explaining why I don’t want any veza. Started counting how much time and words I need to explain my 30 years. Then I said:

“That’s great mate!”.

No response. Not to follow-up too.

We’re going to have our first official meeting today, the second tomorrow. Meanwhile, we have approached every provider on Algorand we’re interested in covering, offering our help in developing their SDKs. That’s something we’ve declared in our whitepaper, helping the Algorand community as a whole is a way of helping our project indirectly.

But as @bhaney44 pointed here, we need that verification in order for that collaboration attempts to be successful.

I do have people from Algorand as friends in Discord. One is kind of celebrity in our space, one is the most beautiful soul in Algorand space, one is the best all-around developer in Algorand imo, and one is a guy with whom I talked about plans of creating the complete testing framework in Python for Algorand blockchain, covering both unit and integration tests.

But I don’t want any veza in my life.

I’ll just ping a kind of random guy here, someone with whom I’ve never talked before iirc. I admire him probably the most in Algorand community and I know he absolutely isn’t a person to ask about the token verification on Algorand, but still:

@fabrice , do Americans need a Veza?

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Congratulations project finally get verified

The team promise and deliver