Does anybody have a link to a pg_dump of the Indexer database?

If not, and you have one near, what would be the size of it for the Mainnet? indicates the size of all the databases together.

Today MainNet is: 495GB according to

SELECT pg_size_pretty( pg_database_size('mainnet'));

pg_dump may compress things and may be shorter.

What about this 1:100 ratio from the Indexer README?

As of April 2020, storing all the raw blocks is about 100 GB and the PostgreSQL database of transactions and accounts is about 1 GB. Much of that size difference is the Indexer ignoring cryptographic signature data; relying on algod to validate blocks. Dropping that, the Indexer can focus on the ‘what happened’ details of transactions and accounts


Number of transactions significantly increased on Algorand starting May 2020.
See Algorand Stats, tab “transactions”
The above comment is no more relevant for MainNet.

You can do a PR to the repo to fix this comment.

Thank you for your effort and a quick response!

Data is live and based off our nodes currently running on AWS. Contact us if you’re interested in a full backup copy of our Archival Nodes/Indexer.

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