What's the current mainnet & testnet archival node's ledger data size?


I am thinking to run an indexer node myself which requires an archival node with all ledger data, but I am not sure if I have enough disk space to store the whole ledger.

If anyone is running an archival node with the full ledger data, could you tell me how big the current mainnet & testnet full data is? 300G, 500G, etc?

Thank you in advance!

On 2021-05-02:

  • testnet:
    • algod data: 232GB
    • indexer: 144GB
  • mainnet:
    • algod data: 415GB
    • indexer: 351GB
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Thank you very much for the information!

Another question for the indexer data, I have read some info about the indexer DB here:

The Indexer DB takes up a fraction of disk space compared to the actual blockchain data with archival mode on. For example, 100 GB of blockchain data takes about 1 GB of data in the Indexer DB.

So I thought the indexer data will take much less space than the ledger data, but from your info, seems they are pretty close. Any reason that caused the indexer’s data size so big? Thank you

The indexer indexes transactions rather than blocks. Therefore, empty blocks can still consume quite some space on the blockchain, whereas they wouldn’t consume any space on the indexer.
On the flip side, the indexer have multiple indices meant for the quick retrieval and analysis of transactions. These could exceed the size of the transaction itself, hence, on a high-transactional-volume blockchain, the indexer would become larger than the blockchain.

got it, that makes sense, thank you!