Does goal account delete remove the account from the node or does it remove it from the network altogether?

I am thinking of opening up my algorand node so that others can use it to submit solutions to algoriddle without having to wait for their nodes to sync

I want to remove ability to access my account/wallet from my node.

If I run goal account delete will that wipe my account/wallet fully from my node or is there something else I should do to clean that up? Also, just to double check, goal account delete will just delete my account locally on my node, not delete it from the algorand network altogether?


Don’t mix up accounts and wallets. You node contains all the information about all the accounts on the network ( i.e. public key ) . A wallet contains both the public key as well as the secret key.

What you want is to take this secret key off this node. Assuming there are no additional copies of the key somewhere on the machine, goal account delete should do the trick.

Just to make sure, please also reboot your machine.

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