Deletion of old partkey

After deleting the partkey file(s) from my node/data/mainnet directory, I restart the node, and when calling:
goal account listpartkeys

All my old keys are still in there.

How can I make sure my keys are deleted from the ledger?


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What if the wallet isn’t connected to the ledger at all and you wish to switch the logins ?

Sorry i don’t understand the question. I’m talking about the participation keys in my running node. Adding a partkey adds a file to the data/network folder, and according to algorand documentation, to delete it we should delete the file and restart the service.

After doing what algo docs suggest, my keys are still listed if I run goal account listpartkeys.

According to their docs, changeaccountstatus will pick a random partkey from this list. So I want to make sure these are deleted before generating a new trx file based on a new partkey to set my account online.

You should NOT delete the old one before submitting a new one. Submit the new one after the network reaches the first round of your new key.

The picture below greatly helped me understand the procedure - Renew participation keys - Algorand Developer Portal

By the way, I don’t think the old key would be removed from the listpartkeys output until the network reaches the last round of the key. FYI, I’m sharing my output after key renewal and deletion of the key file:

@participant:~$ goal account listpartkeys
Registered Account ParticipationID Last Used First round Last round
no //redacted // redacted 19962853 17794000 20794000
yes //redacted // redacted 20189685 19962375 25962375

With the new participation key interface, the deletion of the file is no more sufficient.
You also need to issue a REST query.
There is a ticket to add support at goal level:

Good to know!

Just a side note. Hopefully, one single REST API call or a CLI command is all it takes to remove the key instead of two steps because key deletion is kind of an atomic operation. I felt it was clumsy to delete key files manually.