Does the file .partkey cause this problem

Operating system, Ubuntu 18.04TLS, on a cloud server, login in as user root, #

Today I created a partition key file, *.2774800.2778000.partkey, it is put into the folder /var/lib/algorand/mainnet-v1.0
Then , “goal account changeonlinestatus -a * -o=1”, this succeeded on my cloud server. ( showed ‘offlline’ status originally, and then switched to ‘online’)

Then after some time, the ‘goal node status’ command does not work, the prompted message is: Cannot contact Algorand node: open /var/lib/algorand/ no such file or directory.

Then I deleted the .partkey file in the folder /var/lib/algorand/mainnet-v1.0, the command ‘goal node status’ work normally again.

I do not know why. If you know it, please paste your answer here. Thanks.

I guess, maybe because the lastvalidround is passed already, so the .partkey file should not exist in the folder. I am going to test it again.

Maybe I do not need to delete the file, only need to changeonlinestatus to offline.