On chain voting key differ from participation voting key

After my node maintenance, I changed my node status from offline to online. Then, I started seeing messages in the log, “On chain voting key differ from participation voting key”.

I did the following

  • goal account changeonlinestatus --address=//redacted --online=true --txfile=online.txn
  • algokey sign -m “//redacted” -t online.txn -o online.txn.signed
  • goal clerk rawsend -f online.txn.signed

I did not re-generate my partkey. Would it be a problem?

goal account listpartkeys
Registered Account ParticipationID Last Used First round Last round
yes //redacted… //redacted… 17951110 17794000 20794000

goal -v


3.2.1.stable [rel/stable] (commit #b6cbbf34)

go-algorand is licensed with AGPLv3.0

source code available at GitHub - algorand/go-algorand: Algorand's official implementation in Go.

The issue seems to have been transient. It disappeared by itself.

Now, my node is able to broadcast a vote.