Endpoint fast catch-up

Hi. I can’t get success on catching-up my node probably because of network restriction. Anyone knows the endpoints contacted in that phase? Thanks!!!

it is in data/node.log file

but it is usually the drive that is slower than the network… check your drive utilization for example using atop

Can you try to do all the steps specified in Node Troubleshooting - Algorand Developer Portal to debug the issue? If this works, please report back what was the issue. If this fails, can you post with all the details as specified at the bottom of this page.

As @scholtz said, the most common issue is that your drive is too slow. Following the steps in the document above will help you find out what the most likely issue is. It contains a specific section explaining how to debug connectivity issues and the nodes to which algod is connecting to (Node Troubleshooting - Algorand Developer Portal)

Fast catchup downloads snapshots from http://[relay]:[port]/v1/mainnet-v1.0/ledger/[base36-round] and blocks from connected relays using websocket connection to relays.