Error during compilation of a contract

When I run the ./ contracts.counter.step_01 command, it shows ‘./ line 9: python: command not found’, I’m fairly new to this and I dont understand how to solve it.

Do you have python installed and set up virtual environment?

Yes that is done, since then I discovered that there is some kind of error with importing pyteal even though I have installed all the required packages and pyteal indvidually too.

Welcome to Algorand!

I strongly recommend this series of video to set up everything: Algorand PyTeal Course | Setting Up Development Environment - YouTube

Hi! I set up everything using this playlist itself but it still shows ‘./ line 9: python: command not found’

Which OS/environment are you running ./
Can you show a screenshot?
How did you install Python?

In some environments, you may need to rename python into python3, or create a link from one to another.

Hey, thanks I got it :slight_smile: