Faucet not changing testnet account balance - Algorand Studio

I have used the faucet to put testnet algorand into an address which was created on algorand studio. On the account page, the transactions are registered, but the balance never changes, I also cannot send the testnet algorand to another algorand studio account.

Algorand Studio

There seems to be an issue in the way Algorand Studio setup the node.
One issue today is that it seems that the last Docker container may not contain the latest version of algod, so your node cannot sync and may stop.
This may explain why the balance is 0.

Note also that Algorand Studio uses an old system for fast catchup that is no more supported.
Hence syncing Algorand Studio takes a lot of time.

I would recommend trying to use another IDE in the meantime.
AlgoDEA for example: Making Development Easier with AlgoDEA IntelliJ Plugin | Algorand Developer Portal

Thank you, I’ll try that