How to fast catchup Algorand Studio node?

I am a first time user of Algorand Studio. I have created a node on the testnet and am waiting for it to sync. How do I “fast catchup” from within Studio? Can I do a fast catchup on the Studio created node from the terminal?

Did you find a solution to this issue? Using goal in the docker container created by Algorand Studio does nothing.

Ok looks like it may be an old implementation:

This seems to still be the case, meaning you have to wait for a few million txns to catchup one at a time. Not super useful as is.

I would not recommend using Algorand Studio at this time.

Currently, the best plugin (from my point of view) is algodea:

You can run it on the free PyCharm Community edition if you want to use it with Python.

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Yeah I made the switch. So far it’s great. Thanks.

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