Getting the AssetClosingAmount for a transaction

The transaction below sends a remainder USDT from the close to an another address, but I the api v2 does not provide the closing amount, even though the explorer does have a closing amount. Does anyone know where I can find the asset closing amount using the API?

You need to use the indexer API for that:

$ curl ""
  "current-round": 22790489,
  "transaction": {
    "asset-transfer-transaction": {
      "amount": 10000,
      "asset-id": 312769,
      "close-amount": 90000,
    "close-rewards": 0,
    "closing-amount": 0,
    "confirmed-round": 8786948,
    "fee": 1000,
    "first-valid": 8786943,
    "genesis-hash": "wGHE2Pwdvd7S12BL5FaOP20EGYesN73ktiC1qzkkit8=",
    "genesis-id": "mainnet-v1.0",
    "intra-round-offset": 11,
    "last-valid": 8787042,
    "receiver-rewards": 0,
    "round-time": 1598864389,
    "sender-rewards": 0,
    "signature": {
      "sig": "JqiBie0uWeCgK5z3hE2R3mYGwzdpuWNbAgoEdpeFclV2Jaq8kJpFYOZZmzGKonTN3PQCjifZ9heEFpnrU0AIAA=="
    "tx-type": "axfer"
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Turns out only that transaction does not have the “aca” in the call. The next one did have it.