Questions on transaction explorer

  1. I would like to know more transaction details carried by my smart contract application. Until now, the transaction infomation shown on the transaction explorer in website “” only contains the addresses of sender & receiver and the balance of sender account.

What I found something unusual looks like this.

The transaction type in this screenshot is ASA transfer. I am curious about the teal code contained in this transaction here. Why does this transaction contain teal code?

  1. Is the transaction explorer able to show the change history of a specified smart contract application? If it is possible, then are there any functions in AlgoSDK doing the same thing?
  1. Can you give us a link to the exact transaction? I believe it is a stateless ASC1 smart contract. Stateless ASC1 can be used in replacement to signatures to approve or reject transactions. These can be used for example for periodic payments, split accounts, escrow accounts for stateful smart contracts/applications, and many more. See
  2. I do not believe is currently able to display information about stateful smart contracts. I believe the indexer does not allow for historical information about applications either. @tsachi Can you confirm this?


I believe it’s the following transaction:

and I admittedly don’t know the answer regarding the indexer. I can try and find out tomorrow.

Thanks @tsachi for finding out the exact transaction.

I tried to look for the function displaying changing history of app in indexer functions, but I found nothing. Any updates from your side?

@yfmao ,

I checked the issue. At this time, the indexer does not support querying smart contract changes.
This is definitely an area that could be extended in the future if we’ll find that there is a sufficient demand for.

That’s fine. Anyway, thank you very much for your help! @tsachi