Goal account balance doesn't show asset balance

Just double check if I miss anything. In the documentation command goal account balance should show both “algos and assets”. It seems it only shows algos. The asset is shown in goal account list by wallet.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @kctam, welcome.

You’re right, it doesn’t work with goal; however, if you go to the Algoexplorer you can enter the address and under the Balances dropdown menu you will find your assets. Hope this helps.

That’s fine. But just see whether the documentation should be updated https://developer.algorand.org/docs/reference/cli/goal/account/balance/ (synopsis) or add it back in the output.

I personally think that this command should show both algos and assets.

Thanks again.

I agree. It’s a bit strange that goal account list works and goal account balance balance not.