Governance the right way

Just pointing out how a proper governance should be :

Solution for the crypto governance by Moez King

In crypto space there is no model of governance which can define the right way to do the governance because if you assume to make a an digital asset voting (1 asset 1 vote) the issue we face in this kind of situation is multiple
Issue #1 There would be dictatorship and such problems related to this type of governance not only takes away the power from the individual but also supresses their voice.
Issue#2 Someone ( Group, Organisation ) Can hold many of the same asset to control the crypto-currency
Issue#3 it would be easier to take away the power by buying the asset in plenty just to supress the voice of other holders who don’t have significant amount of coins making them into supressed group within the digital currency and causes chaos.

The model which crypto-currency are having at this time.
1:1 which is not a solution but future problems

A face identification algorithm which generates cryptographic codes to issue a digital certificate for a fixed amount of time so the identity + tokens are locked until the voting period ends
Similar to a face id but in this method the face is encrypted to codes so it does not store picture but specific code for each individual which can generate a digital certificate for every person for fixed amount of time until the governance period ends.
Auto deletion feature that would delete the vote certificate after the time period ends
No storage of any form of data but timeline to when start and ends for the voting period to delete the data off permanently and so when the new voting period starts it starts fresh .

In above method we are not only solving the issue related to dictatorship and other problems also we come to a solution to help people with new identity this way. read the whole thing. there’s been some slight change since then

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2. Ecosystem Support
1.25B tokens are being allocated for extended ecosystem support and will be locked in a smart contract. These tokens would be periodically unlocked over a period no faster than 10 years, and with no more than 200M unlocked in any given year.

I consider this very crucial Because after 2030 this can probably sustain for much much ahead of time…

1.25b can help the eco system in various ways and may be by that time the reward would be almost non existent and due to token price would be much higher I hope this can help the governance model after 2030

I’ll like to understand the distribution of 1.25b tokens after 2030 whether it would be only grants or be distributed in various different fields… I know this is much futuristic but some insights would help.